2. Tomb and Ossuary Information

Seiryuin accepts a wide range of requests, regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. In recent years, the ossuary has become popular as a place where memorial services can be held in a casual manner.

※Although any religious denomination or sect is welcome, funerals and memorial services are conducted in the style of Nichiren shu.

Individual gardening ossuary with the ever-present fragrance of flowers and incense
This outdoor worship service takes advantage of the lush greenery of the adjacent Zoshigaya Cemetery. A gardening flower altar, which is replanted seasonally, allows visitors to feel the changing of the seasons and visit in peace without being densely packed. An ossuary where living proofs such as photos and videos can be left as data.
Data such as photos and videos can be registered in the ossuary and viewed on a touch panel attached to the ossuary. Archived data of the deceased’s life will be stored at the temple for eternity as a precious living proof of his/her life.
For Eternal Memorial Services, visit Seiryuin
This is the latest system using IC cards and monitors. (Individually transported)
No religious affiliation or denomination is required in the past.
You may visit from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily.
We also offer a discount plan that is the same as nearby metropolitan ossuaries.
After the period of individual use, you can rest assured that we will provide for the repose of the souls of those who are buried in our enshrinement graves for many years to come. (There is no charge for enshrined graves.)

Please do not worry even after the end of the usage period (7 to 30 years). As the Ossuary is a set with a perpetual memorial service, we will continue to provide generous memorial services at the perpetual memorial service even after the period of use ends. We do not charge any fee for the use of the Eternal Memorial Cemetery after the period of use of the ossuary.

Ossuary Fee

Installation costAnnual Management Fee
5,000,000JPY12,000JPY / Year

・Renewal system is adopted: renewal every 20 years from the start of perpetual use (no renewal fee is required)
・Annual management fee will be charged from the following year after the contract is completed.

※ Up to 8 spirits can be stored in each slot.
※ If there is a change in the name of the subscriber (death of the subscriber, etc.), a separate procedure is required from renewal.
※ If the contract is not renewed, the grave will be moved to a jointly enshrined grave 3 years after the contract end date. (The subscriber will not be notified of enshrinement.)
※ The above ossuary fees include a visiting card, kitchen for storage, nameplate/engraving, and image/video registration in the ossuary system.

General Graves

Annual maintenance fee: 12,000 yen *Please purchase tombstone installation fee separately.

Please refer to the parcel map below for availability and the cost of each parcel. (*As of June 1st, 2022)

Flow from Request for Information to Viewing (Ossuary and Tombstone)

Inquiry or request for brochurePlease feel free to contact us by inquiry form or phone.
We will send materials to the address you have requested.
Please feel free to request information materials, as we do not conduct sales calls.
Please contact us between 9:00 and 17:00.
We also accept requests for the construction of living graves.
Book a tourPlease check the contents of the materials we have sent you and contact us when you are ready to see them in person.
Visit and reviewPlease visit the temple to see the overall temple as well as its accessibility and location. If you are considering an ossuary or tombstone, we will provide you with detailed information on the necessary costs, the process of signing a contract, and the subsequent arrangements.
※Free consultationFree consultations are available after the tour for those who wish. Please let us know about any concerns you may have regarding your current memorial service.

Located a 3-minute walk from Zoshigaya Station, the cemetery is on high ground and has good sunlight and ventilation. You can walk from the parking lot to the graveside without any steps.

Memorial service for pets

Eternal support: 30,000 JPY for all.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by phone or using the inquiry form below.
We will not make any sales calls.