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Wake & Funeral

Wake & Funeral

Seiryuin wake/funeral service

Seiryuin accepts a wide range of requests for wakes and funerals from people other than our temple parishioners.

Recently, "family funerals" and "one-day funerals" have been on the rise, and there has been an increase in simplified ways of sending off loved ones from the old ways.

At our temple, we will respond flexibly according to the wishes of the mourners.

Funeral services and memorial services are conducted in accordance with the Nichiren shu style, but any religious denomination is welcome to consult with us.

Work flow

1: Contact us
TEL:+81-3-3971-8961 MAIL:seiryuin.info@gmail.com

2: Wakes and funerals
Generally, a wake is held in the evening, and the funeral (farewell ceremony) is held the following day. In recent years, a one-day funeral, in which the wake and funeral are held together, is also available.
Please consult with us for details.

3: 49th day (delivery of ashes)
After the 49th memorial service is held at the temple, the remains are moved to the cemetery (or ossuary) for burial.